About Us

The Rounds Ranch has been raising performance tested cattle and selling bulls since 1970.  Before 1970 my Father ran mainly Hereford and Hereford cross cows.  Starting in those days with the new Simmental breed that was introduced into the US.  In 1990, my father bought the first registered Angus from Bruce Sedman in Nebraska to breed up black Simmentals.  There is just a handful of the Simmentals are left as they have been phased out over the years.  After running and breeding the Angus cows for a few years we fell in love with the breed.  In 1996 and 1997 my Father bought pure bred commercial heifers from Lunds B Bar Angus and Medicine Rocks Ranch in eastern Montana.  In 2009 Sarah and I bought our first registered Angus from Steve Lund of Lunds B Bar Ranch.  In December 2015, Sarah and I bought out my folks so I quit my job as a Wyoming coal miner of 17 years to run the ranch full time as my folks decided to retire.  Living on the ranch while working off the ranch proved difficult at times but our two boys Troy and Sam (the sixth generation on the ranch) have helped out a lot in day to day operations.  Here at Rounds Angus we have strived to raise the best cows we can with the top AI genetics of the last 48 years.  Feel free to stop in anytime to look at the bulls or the cow herd we are so proud of.  Thank you for your interest.