At Rounds Angus we strive to make the best cows we can.  She must keep condition even in hard times.  She must milk and have a good udder, be gentle, breed back in 45-50 days and raise a good solid angus calf.  These cows are run like any commercial outfit, no silage piles, cake or ear corn.  Barring low feed supplies and drought these gals do it strictly on grass and hay.  We like to see them deep and thick and easy to keep.  Most of the older commercial cows have heavy influence of Expectation 4915,connealy freightliner, new frontier 095,and lemmon newsline. with the younger cows carrying genetics fom s chism and koupel juneau  Our registed cows go back to some of the great cow families of Lunds B Bar Angus.  Most recent sires that have seen heavy use are S chism,connealy thunder, connealy in focus 4925, and pyramid 1222 with exciting new sires in the years to come.